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Style and Substance

July 22, 2020

One isn’t enough; you need both.


Let’s say you have a website with a beautiful design but no substance.

A customer will…

Look around.
Be impressed.
Hover on things and tap on things to see what they do.
Be mighty impressed with your website.
and they won’t come back.

Why would they? They’ve seen everything and played with all the toys.


Now let’s say you have a website with a lot of good content, but the design is poor, and the site is hard to understand, navigate and has no real order.

They’ll read a page or two.
They’ll get frustrated that they can’t find what they want.
They’ll start to hate your site because it makes them feel dumb.
They’ll leave because they’re frustrated.
If your lucky, they might try another day…
but don’t bank on it.

The style draws the customer in.

Substance keeps them coming back.

Your design (style) doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, but it must make sense to your customer. Make your website easy to use and easy to navigate.

Your content (substance) must be of high value to make people keep come back. New content doesn’t have to be once a day or even once a week. But when you post new content to your website, make it genuinely worth seeing and worth sharing with your customers’ friends.

An example of substance

Have a secret sale once a month on a popular product.

Advertise this secret sale on your website in a prominent place and on social media.

‘One item, 70% off, only 20 available. Sign up for our secret sale on best selling dresses!’

Give your customers enough information about the secret sale to get a warm feeling of excitement in their bellies.

An irresistible offer and scarcity create high demand.

Have customers sign up to your email list to get access to the sale.

Markdown the item enough so if the product is desirable, it’s a no brainer to buy it at that price.

Email your list.

‘Secret Sale now on! This months item is…click here to find out.’

And drive that traffic to your website.

Let’s say your item is an evening dress for women. The RRP is £120, and we mark it down to £50. That’s a huge bargain, something worth talking about.

If you have 100 people on your list, limit the sale to 10 - 30 dresses.

The people who get the sale are super happy because they got a genuine bargain and they’ll be even more excited about next months sale.

Here is where it gets interesting.

For the ‘winners’ to enter again, they must wear the dress and share it on social media (probably Instagram or Facebook) before the next sale. When you’ve verified this, you can allow them to re-enter next time.

This social proof from your customer base grows your email list even more. Your email list allows you to offer the sale to more people and drive more traffic to your store.

The cycle continues, and your customer base grows.

Make sure your website has both style and substance.

If it doesn’t, how much business are you missing out on?

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