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How to really connect with your customers

July 24, 2020

NB: Today’s post is taking too long to write, so here’s a little thought I had earlier. Normal service resumed on Monday.

If you’re trying to work out how to start marketing your business and you’re stuck on what to write or say, do this.

Ask a few of your best current customers these questions:

  • Why do you shop here / use our service?
  • How does shopping with us / using our service make you feel?
  • If you were trying to convince a friend to shop with us / use our service, what would you say to them?

These questions allow your best customers to describe your service, shop, or products to you in their own words.

They’ll use words that even more potential customers will understand and connect with.

A Spanish comedian may be hilarious, but a British audience won’t understand a word she says.

Market your business in your customer’s language.

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