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How good does your website design need to be?

July 29, 2020

The answer depends on what your website needs to achieve and how you position your business.

If you’re a small business, you can get away with a poorly designed website.

If you’re trying to win big contracts, sell high priced items or in a competitive marketplace, a poorly designed website will lose you business.

Customers instinctively know what good design is. Good design builds trust in your website and your brand.

Your quality of your design should match the perceived value of your products.

That’s why Aston Martin have a beautiful website that doesn’t rely on sharing benefits or features.

It just appeals to your Ego.

If you sell beautiful products, you should have a beautiful website.

“God their website is ugly, how can I believe that their product is the quality that they claim it is?”

Good design helps customers trust you more than your competitors.

But that doesn’t mean you need a beautiful website to succeed.

In fact, forget beautiful, it just needs not to be ugly.

Introducing Functional Design

Most small websites need functional design paired with great content.

But what is functional design?

If you’re not a designer, but you’re building your website yourself, keep your website design as simple as possible.

Don’t waste your time putting lipstick on a pig; you’re not fooling anyone.

A lot of business owners are building landing pages now, and I like that. Beware, though, these page builder website templates and themes are so easy to butcher.

On every self-made landing page, I see the content squashed together.

Add some spacing between the sections on your website and let your content breathe!

Your visitors will thank you for it.

And if you care about building your brand equity and business, when you can afford it, hire a website designer you trust to design a website that matches your business aims and brand values.

Great design will make you stand out and help make the sale.

Need proof of the importance of design?

There was once a company called Apple, Inc

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