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Don't just serve your customers, help them

July 20, 2020

Consumers are always looking to be more educated and reduce risk when buying online.

If you stop trying to sell and start trying to help, your sales will increase.



When you help someone, their trust in you rises, and trust is essential.

“Can I trust you? Everyone asks themselves this question. And everyone looks for different clues and cues to answer it. It’s primordial. We’ve been doing it for millions of years, because nothing is more important to our survival.”

Seth Godin

So how can we gain trust with customers?

Let’s look at three things that are easy to do:

  1. Excellent product descriptions. Give your customer as much information about what they’re looking at as you can. Give extra information such as what to pair it with or how to use it.
  2. Great Product Images. I can only imagine the number of clothes that get sent back because they don’t fit right. Find great models to your wares and get multiple models to wear an item in different sizes. In the image description, write something like: Worn by Angela, 5’ 3”, 10st 12lbs. Customers will understand how this will look on their body, meaning increased trust and fewer returns.
  3. Real, helpful testimonials. Use your existing customers to build more confidence with new ones. Ask them four questions: What did you buy? Why did you buy it? Why did you buy from us? How did you find the product/did it work?

There are three things that you can implement today to build trust with your customers. Get them implemented for more sales and conversions.

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