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Here’s why your online shop should be more like Amazon

July 23, 2020

To make more sales, exactly as they do.

Take 2 mins to run this experiment.

Open a private tab in the browser and visit

I can guess that the site is very average and is not at all specific to you.

On the homepage, it shows a whole range of products, from baby clothes to video games.

Now close that private tab, go back to your normal tabs, and open again.

Notice the difference?

Now, I can’t even guess what you’re seeing.

The shopping experience is created for you and you alone.

Mine roughly breaks down into four categories:

  1. a mixture of things related to what I’ve bought in the past
  2. things I’ve looked for and haven’t bought yet
  3. things I didn’t even know I wanted
  4. and things Amazon want everyone to see

Here’s my Amazon homepage:

And here's the standard Amazon homepage (private browsing version).

From which website am I most likely to buy?

It’s time for e-commerce website owners (and other website owners) to ask themselves…

How can we do this for our customers and create a personalized shopping experience?

Tomorrow we will dig into some potential solutions.

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